creative routines

Inspiration, Process

Catharine here:

Marilyn and I meet regularly to work on projects, talk about the creative life and how to live it, and kick each other’s ass so we’re accountable to our own art practices. Lately we’ve been talking about habits: bad ones, good ones, the value of having them.

So last night, inspired by this graphic illustration from of the habits of famous creative people, we drew up our own versions and then described them to each other.

Listen as we talk through our days & habits…following the Creative Routines model. Marilyn goes first, then Catharine. It’s sort of like a budget for our minds.



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mud monster

Inspiration, Process

since the beginning of the year i have been creatively unmotivated. its been weighing me down…hard on my emotional self.  while cas and i were meeting up, i gave name to this feeling…the mud monster. i am trying to push myself toward motivation.  feeling as if this mud monster is enveloping me, pulling me down, making this push impossible.  as i worked through this, i thought:  ok, use this. make something.

i set out to my backyard, barefoot and ready to make mud. standing in the warm sun, i turned on the hose, pouring water over my feet.  i step around, wiggling my toes, working the water into the dry dirt to make my mud monster come to life. as i smile down at my feet ready to take a photo, it hits me.  i have been looking at this mud monster all wrong.  my subconscious was telling me to not push and fight, to slow down, to ground/center myself in my body and nature.  with these thoughts there was movement and an ease of the tension i have been carrying in my body for the last 2 months.

a few notes for next time.

1. ride it out – this too shall pass – accept and go with the flow
2. find the motivation time – for me its mid-afternoon
3. create a visual for my feelings – the mud monster got me to where i needed to be